Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stop the Madness....

My gosh, this day has been INSANE!!!!

So I wake up this morning and first thing Hubby asks me is to please go get twenty 40lbs. bags of topsoil in my minivan. Ok........ so I went to get the 800 lbs. of wet dirt and come back to the house, proud, but my suspension on my van almost dragging. Ha-ha!!!

My Mother and my youngest went with me and we had to listen to my little one scream and cry the whole way back. We are potty training and she thinks she has to pee-pee all the time. I pulled over for her once at a gas station and yes she did go. She asked me at least five more times after that. Three times at which I tried to appease her and get her into a bathroom. When guess what, once we made it there she refused to go and got really upset if I tried to take her pants down.

OK!!!!!!! No more trips to the potty we are homeward bound!!! I am NOT pulling over one more time.

So we get home and she has not had a regular nap in three days. Yesterday took a nap at 6 and did not go to sleep for the night until midnight. Today we have had four roofing companies come over to give us estimates on our roof and to assess any hail damage. So, I'm thinking ok the first appt. is at 8:30am, the second at 10:00am, third 3:30 and the fourth at 5:00.

We were late getting to Home Depot so therefore we were on the late side getting home (around 12:45). I am wondering how in the world am I going to get my child to take a nap. She was not wanting to take one at this time because my nephews were over and she wanted to play. Around 3:00 I thought would be the perfect time to try to get her down for her nap before the guy comes around 3:30. Low and behold if the neighbor child does not start up his extremely loud dirt bike right beside the bedroom window. Ok, well now I have another shot at getting her to sleep before the 4:20 before the 5:00 guy shows up. Can you believe it, here goes the dirt bike starting back up AGAIN and Oh, no!!! The 5:00 guy is ringing the doorbell and he is 40 minutes early. Lets try again once he leaves around 5:30.

So I take her to pee-pee before her nap and see she has something in her mouth. As I am trying to pry her mouth open to see what it is, she is saying "chew chew, chew chew" (her lingo for gum). At this point I have no idea where she got it from, hoping it was new and not from someone's shoe!!! Ok, I see, Daddy put his pack of gum on the night stand. Thank God!!!

Ok so she is really getting sleepy now and she has already pee-peed, but apparently not enough because she has now tinkled all over me and the couch. I only knew this because I caught her rubbing it all over with her hand.

So, I decided I need to put a diaper on her during nap time and went in to her bedroom to get a diaper. I stepped in something cold and mushy and looked up to see one of my kitties slinking away out of sight. The kitty had barfed up a hairball and when I thought the quarter sized area that I had to clean was gross enough, I found yet another one 5 times as big!!!!

Now she is a little more awake so now it is time for another snack and I wanted some cheerios. I filled up the bowl because I was planning on sharing it with Lulee. I walked across the living room and spilled some, ran to get a towel to clean it up and darn if I didn't do it AGAIN!!!

After that, we ate, I went to check my email really quick and she tried to climb up the barstool. She fell backwards and hit the back of her head on the ground. Poor thing. I felt really bad for her. I had to kiss her all over and make sure she was ok and to let her know that I understood that she is just over tired and very accident prone at this time.

She finally ended up going to sleep around 6:15 and I tried to wake her up around 45 minutes later. She was so out of it I couldn't force her to stay up. She woke up again around 7:30. It will be interesting to see what time she goes down for the night. :(

Man, this household is OVERDUE some sleep!!! I need to stop all the madness and put a ban on all bodily functions from the kitties on up!!!

A visit with their Great-Auntie

Yesterday my Harley-riding aunt came over to visit with the kiddos. My children love to visit with her because she is always interesting to talk to and plus most of the time she will bring over goodies for them (coloring books, crayons and stuffed animals). She loves to color with Lulee which is one of her most favorite things to do at this time. My Aunt most always wears something interesting too, whether it is a Harley do-rag, jacket or other kind of Harley apparel. The kids love it.

I remember when I was little, I used to hang out over at her house all the time. I would ask her for a honey sandwich and she would make it for me. I wouldn't even have to ask twice. :)

While she was over yesterday, I was trying to be the hostess with the mostest. I made coffee for us and even offered her my MOST favorite mug to drink out of. I also asked her if she would like a honey sandwich, we just cracked up reminiscing over my honey-sandwich-eating days.

We really enjoyed her visit yesterday. She was playing with Lulee in her playroom and they put on a concert for us.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Family Hoedown

We had a great time for Memorial Day. We went over to my Mom and Dad's and ate yummy barbeque and played games and enjoyed each others company.

Bo, my step dad, had a new game for the kids, called half-rubber ball. I had never heard of it. The kiddos seemed to be really excited about it and got into it big time. It is pretty much like playing softball or baseball, but the ball is actually split in half and is harder to hit. Daddy/Uncle Ryan along with Papa Bo, Nana and Aunt Lori got out there to play with them as I looked on and took pictures and hung out with my Nanny on the porch trying to make a cute little Memorial Day hairbow for Lulee.

Here they are playing half rubber ball.

Nana and Lulee are watching them play.

The kiddos also had fun swinging on the tire swing, climbing trees, jumping on the bouncer and all sorts of things.

Look at Logie " just a swingin' "

Here's Sadie Bug and Nick-Nick nestled up high in a tree.

Daddy and Nana are watching Lulee bounce-bounce as Daddy is pushing Logie on the tire swing.

Here is Lulee sporting her new Memorial Day hairbow.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A day at the park

A friend of mine and our youngest children went to the park a few weeks back. It was gorgeous!!! The weather was just right. It was warm with a nice warm breeze.

I had not seen my friend in years (she lived in Louisiana for a while). We decided to get together and go to the park. They have redone this park in our area and it is really nice now. It has paved areas that you can walk, stroll or ride bikes on along the whole park. It has a great bridge, a lot of fish and ducks and a whole lot of great shade trees as well.

We all really enjoyed this outing. It was very nice and relaxing for both Mama's and kiddos.

Had to get a head shot with the big city buildings in the background.

We went across the bridge to feed the fish and apparently all the fish decided to migrate to this one area. It was so strange to see a cluster of fish like this. The ducks were actually floating on top of them.

Mama duck and her babies.

The baby ducks were too iresistable not to love on, so I had to catch one and let the girls experience petting a baby duck.

Afterwards we had to take a little break to let Lulee sit in a tree. She loved it.

Here's Lulee posing in front of a memorial.

They are tired from a fun-filled day and are ready to head home for a nap.

Just say no...

and if you can't, GET IT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I started thinking that I desperately need to lose about ten pounds (at least). It occured to me during a visit at my Mom's house when my sister, who has lost a booty load (pardon the pun) of weight, started making fun of my big booty. She was even taking pictures of it!!!!

Anyway, I never ever buy sweets and junk food, but somehow it makes it into our house anyway. It is only in our house because hubby brings it in or maybe Easter or Halloween leftovers, ya know.

I really have a problem with eating sugar first of all because I am not supposed to have it (hypoglycemic) and second because if I do nibble on the slightest bit then I turn into the biggest binge eater that you've ever seen and end up getting really sick (and gaining that extra 10 pounds give or take as well).

Also, I feel that I haven't had the excersize that my body has been craving since I was prego with Lulee. I used to workout at the gym five days a week doing cardio, lifting and classes like kickboxing, step, and abs. I had a six pack (hard to aquire for females, but I did have it). I probably will never get my abs back like they were, due to my c-section, but I know my belly could look a darn site better than it does right now.

So to help motivate myself and hubby, I decided to rid the house of all the fat-causing, lethargic, coma producing candy and other nasty junk food. I did not tell hubby that I was doing this because I made the mistake of telling him before and he COULD NOT part with his goodies.

While he was at work one day I thought this is it. Now is the time. I got everything out of the cabinets and took a picture of all the nastiness (which tastes too good).

I took these pictures because:

(1) so that I could show hubby what really happened to all his goodies (which he actually took it really well, he didn't seize up and go through major withdrawals or anything) :)

(2) so that I could post it on my blog in order to show all my friends in family that yes, we do have a problem and need help. ;)

Please everyone I would like your support in keeping my diet in check so that my booty will not grow beyond control and allow my sister to make fun of me that much more. I don't want any pictures of my growth to show up on her myspace page.

Here are the pics and thanks for your help :)-

Don't let this picture make you want to run out to the store and get your own. Ha-ha!!

It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it!!!!

This could be your cabinet if you just try. If anyone would like to be my weightloss accountability partner just let me know. Ha-ha!!!

Kiddos and Baseball Games

Since Spring has been here, we have gotten the pleasure of watching a few of my nephews baseball games. They are really good players. I have to admit, I didn't even imagine how good they were until I came to these recent games. My sister and the boys lived in Florida for a few years and they were in sports there, but I was unable to see them play. Now that they live one road over from us, we are able to spend more time with them. It's really nice. Anyway, here are some pics from both Nick-nick's and Logie's games.

Here's Nick-nick coming up to bat.

Lulee is practicing her swing with her borrowed bat.

Here is the cheerleaders of the baseball game taking quick break for a "photo shoot."

Back to business now. Lulee is learning the rules of the game as she cleans the plate like the ump.
Click on the play button and watch her at work.

Here's Logie, Sadie Bug and Lulee at one of Logie's game. Nick-nick was here earlier, but he had to leave early to catch a practice session for his team.

Here is Logie going up to bat.

Here are the girls again taking another break for a "photo shoot".

Friday, May 23, 2008

Baby Driver On Board

Sadie Bug goes to dance twice a week during the school year and has a recital at the end of the year. Every week I try to do something to preoccupy Lulee during the hour long class. Sometimes we go to the bookstore and pick out a new book that is on clearance. Or sometimes we go to play at a fast food place to take up the time.

Well on this day I was so tired and didn't feel like driving anywhere. I thought can't we just sit here for an hour. Surely she will be ok for one hour just one day. I think I will never choose that option again. I chased her all over the van. She went to the very back, crawled under the seats and then tried to hop over the back seat where we stash her stroller.

Have you ever noticed that the more tired you are somehow they find that extra hyperactive type energy and just run you that much more ragged!!!

Anyway, after we played musical seats and hide and go seek for a while in the van, I decided to teach her to drive. Yes you read it right. I am going to teach my soon to be 2 year old how to work the steering wheel.

I put on a "learning Italian while you drive" cd and put her to the wheel for her training. She did very well I must say. She Even learned how to work the blinkers, work the windshield wipers and the volume on the radio at the same time.

Here are pictures of the sweet baby driver on board:

She takes her training very seriously!!!

She's got it down pat now!!! She's even got her eyes off the road.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Warning: Sounds like a Christmas brag letter

School is finally out for summer!!!! This is the second year that I have been able to stay home with kiddos. Thank you God and thanks hubby ;) I have been waiting a whole year to have this time again with my children. We have had a lot going on this year. It has been one milestone after another between both children and also for hubby reaching thirty. Ha-ha!!!

Sadie Bug has impressed me so much with her growth in maturity this year. She has gone through really tough times with peers and I'm sure it will only get worse before it gets better. She made cheerleading at the end of 6th grade to cheer for her 7th grade year. There was a situation that occured that ultimately cut her cheerleading venture short, due to lack of honesty and integrity in some of the sponsors. I won't go into details and rehash, but those of you who are close have heard this story over and over. Anyway, Sadie Bug, as hurt as she was, held her head up high and made the best of her 7th grade year anyway. She strove hard to be the girl with the most school spirit in spite of not being able to show it off in the form of cheerleading. She wore her school shirts, ran for SGA Secretary and made it, worked really hard to make great grades and spent her weekends working on projects and getting help with math. She worked really hard for all of this and it really paid off.

This past week was awards day at Sadie Bug's school. She told me "Mom, you don't have to come if you don't want to. Because I probably won't get an award anyway". I told her I wouldn't care if she got one or not, I'll still be there. She has worked hard and she gets one in my eyes anyway and I wouldn't miss it.

We sat there throughout the whole thing and I didn't see her and found out later that she had not seen me until the end. One award after another was being handed out and then all the sudden there were just two awards left. These awards were not just the "names put on paper" awards. These were actual trophy awards that had the children's names engraved in them. Yes, you guessed it Sadie Bug's name was called and she walked up to receive her award with such surprise and such a proud look on her face.

I was sitting right there at the table where they had the awards and she was so glad that I came. She said she was about to cry thinking that I might not be there because she didn't see me. I better take advantage of this while it lasts. Teenage years are approaching really quick!!!!

This award is called the Citizenship award. Teachers nominate their students for this particular award. I am so proud that Sadie Bug received this award and that with all the effort she has put into this year, her teachers saw this and felt like she deserved it as much as I did.

You go Sadie!!!

Sadie Bug plays the clarinet, but decided to show us her hidden talent after attending her band banquet.

Lulee has made quite a few accomplishments this year as well. She has cut all her teeth with the exception of the top two year molars, she has learned to walk and talk, she has learned to count and spell her name (not the nickname either). She has learned to sing songs as well as her ABC's...

Right now we are working on potty training. We started out giving jellybeans every time she went. She figured that one out real quick. She kept going to the potty even when she didn't have to go because she got half of one for trying. We decided to get her a toy every once in a while instead for her progress. Nana got her a bright yellow ball with soft spikes all over (her favorite), Nanny gave her a card with lots of encouraging words and her very first 2 dollar bill. This has worked very well. Oh yeah, we broke down and bought her her very own pink potty. She is soooo excited about her pink potty. She carried it to the bathroom herself.

Yesterday we went all day without any accidents. All day and all night to be exact. Thank you God!!! I hope this is it!!!

She had to be directed where to go since it was a little bigger than her. Ha-ha!!!

Here she is proud of the new potty!!! She had to try it as soon as it was out of the box.

I also want to thank all our family members and friends that have been so supportive and caring with our kiddos. Anytime they do something exciting or special they want to call you first and let you know. Even Lulee has to get on the phone and tell you "I pee pee in the potty".
You all are what family and friends are all about!!!

Things that children say...aren't they cute

The other day we went to church and Lulee wanted to go to the bathroom. I think she wants to check out any bathroom a store or any other building has to offer. She takes that after big sister. Sadie bug would always do that too. No matter how soon before she had gone to the potty, she had to check out the new one.

So anyway, I took her into the church bathroom, which BTW did not have an empty stall. Once we got in the stall and it was my turn, she looks up at me and says "I pooted Mommy, I pooted". Believe me, this had to have been the loudest she had ever said this to me. I was cracking up on the inside, but five times the shade of red on the outside, even if we were in our own stall. :)

I quickly tried to resolve the situation by pulling on the toilet paper roll and said "Yes Lulee you did pull it" , hoping that it might have sounded like what she had said. She looked at me with a very confused look like I did not understand what she had said to me. I just hugged her tight and we shared a very quiet giggle between ourselves and proceeded to head out of the Ladie's room.

What is so funny though, my Nanny came over a couple of days before this and Lulee had told her the same thing that she said in the bathroom. Nanny told her that's good, but you may not want to say that kind of stuff in church.

When we got to church I think maybe she thought about what Nanny had said, but forgot the part where she said NOT to.

I am still laughing over this one and it happened about two weeks ago!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I just love my kiddos

Last night as we were getting ready for bed I noticed my little shadow (Lulee) following me around as I am doing all our nightly routines, putting kitties to bed, locking doors, etc...

I stop and look at her standing in the middle of the living room before I was going to turn the last light off. She looked at the back door and said "that one locked" and looked at the front door and said "that one locked" then I turned the cable box off along with the t.v. and she said "t.v. off.......much better".

She is a little mini-me. That was one of the cutest things she has done yet.

Then I told her to tell Daddy that she had a date with the sandman (she was going night night) and she translated it to him as "Daddy, I'm a man".

That cracked us up. We both laughed like crazy.

Then on the teen side of the house. Sadie Bug is brushing her teeth getting ready for bed, making sure all of her stuff is extremely organized and ready for the next day (she did not get her exceptional organizational skills from me, unfortunately). We were talking about her day at school and the excitement of her upcoming band concert and dance recital and she looked at me very innocently and asked "Mama, is ticked-off a bad word?" You just don't know how proud that made me to know at age 12 almost 13 that my child is still a CHILD.

It is so refreshing to know that in this fast paced world that one of my child's most pressing questions was is ticked-off a bad word.

Thank you GOD!!! I pray that we maintain this slower pace in our lives and that our children can grow up slowly and not be forced into adulthood in their teen years.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


About a month ago we had a play date with five kiddos and 4 Moms. It was really nice. It was relaxing (believe it or not, ha-ha). We had it at our house and got to drink coffee and tea, eat brownies and muffins and watch the kiddos play. It was really fun and I enjoyed being able to spend time relaxing with the other Moms as well.

On the same day, Sadie-Bug got to have a spend the night buddy over as well.

Here are some pics:

Here is Lulee, Jonathan, Chicken and Jack playing in the playroom.

Here is little Punky and Punky's Mom in the back trying to get her to want to play in the play room.

Look how cute little Jack is looking out the window. What does he see out there? :)

Here is Sadie-bug and her friend the next morning after her sleep over.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dirty Thirties

Yes, Ryan is my Superman so I had to decorate his birthday with the Superman Returns theme!!!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Ryan, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Here we all are at the Dirty Thirties party, partying with the birthday boy.

For this Dirty Thirties party, Ryan got a lot of toilet paper and had several uses for it.

Here's some of us pigging out!!!


We all had a great time doing singstar together!!! Baby got BACK!!! and lots more songs.

The kiddos enjoyed the party and the singstar too!!!

Thank you all for coming to this Dirty Thirties party!!!