Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You know you've gone to the doctor way too much when....

your 2 1/2 year old daughter comes to you and says:

Lulee: I need to call the doctor

Mommy: Why do you need to call the doctor?

Lulee: Because I stepped on a cracker.

Mommy: I'm sure you will be ok. Let me see.

Lulee: I NEEEED to call the doctor.

Mommy: (Making a call to her friend and having her pretend she's the doctor) Yes Dr. J Lulee must talk to you. She stepped on a cracker.

Lulee: (says absolutely nothing and runs away)

Problem solved. :)

Also, ever since Sadie Bug got braces Lulee has decided that she needs them too. She told me the other day that her teeth hurt. She said that the doctor would fix them and give her braces. I even caught her putting cheerios on the fronts of her teeth and telling me they were braces.

Lulee also had a bad rash a few months back and she has let me know over and over that the doctor fixed her booty. She thinks that this doctor has hung the moon. I'm not sure she hasn't. ;) Truth be known this is the kindest, caring, and thorough doctor I've ever met. We are lucky to have her and she's young so we may have her through the duration of childhood years on up into the teens maybe.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fun Day Off for Veteran's Day

Yesterday was a fun, laid back day for the Fam. Sadie Bug was home from school. Hubby was able to be with us, Lulee was loving it all. We made the most of our day without going anywhere. Sometimes it is nice to do just that, when you are constantly running here and there.

We started out with a nice breakfast together, which we hardly ever get to do with Sadie Bug because she is out to meet the bus so early. We then spent time together watching our favorite shows. Then came the really fun stuff. We started painting Sadie Bug's room, upon her request. It was a really calming and pretty color of blue (kind of like the toothepaste color) and now it is a brighter, pretty shade of orange. I helped hubby paint a small amount. I did the trim work around the doors and the windows and then he did the rest. It still needs a second coat, but it is looking good. All teens should be this lucky. To be able to request a color even if it is one that you may not agree with. Let them express themselves in as many areas of life as you can.

I wanted to paint my room black when I was a teen (I know that is a little much) and my Mom wouldn't let me. The closest she would compromise on was a dark green. I painted my room myself that weekend and learned to enjoy it almost as much as I would the black. I swore that when I got out on my own I would have a black room. Yeah, I've been on my own for a while now and I have yet to have my black room. I do have dark chocolate in my bedroom however. That's getting close right???

Anyway, we all enjoyed our day yesterday. I felt like we were giving Sadie Bug something she truly wanted. Lulee was satisfied with getting to play and spend time with Sister. Hubby loves to paint. I actually had some time for myself as well to work on my hairbows. With all the Green and Red ribbon that I have been using I feel like I can't distinguish between the two anymore. :)

I had lots of pictures to put on this post, but I'm having trouble loading them for some reason. Anyway, I will work on getting the pics put on soon. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A rough bath time....literally

Our two year old, Lulee, is so sweet trying to do for herself. Miss Independent tries to do everything by herself. She doesn't like when I try to give her bites of something. She wants to take it away from me and do it herself.

It was bath time the other night and she decided she was going to bathe herself. That's fine, I had a soft washcloth in there for her to use and she knows how to use the pump to get her body wash out. It looked like she had everything under control. She was all sudsied up, smiling and very proud of herself.

I was taking a bath with her and looked up and noticed that she had left the nice, soft little washcloth that I had gotten for her. She was definitely using something. It had suds all over it and I couldn't tell what it was. I grabbed it from her and rinsed it off. I can't believe I didn't even notice that she was washing with none other than a pumice stone. Why didn't she use her soft wash cloth that I had purposefully put in there for her?!?!?

She chose the hard pumice stone over the cloth!!! I told her "Lulee that is not for your body. It is for your feet!". Of course her reply was the same reply that I have heard a hundred times over lately. "WHY?"

Apparently her technique of exfoliating her body didn't seem to bother her any. I had to, of course, pick the stone up and rub in on my skin to see how bad it would feel. If you don't rub it over your skin too hard it doesn't feel too bad. :)

She might be on to something...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm aspiring to be more like my cats...

Our Relaxing kitties Lylah and Lizzie

Everyone who knows me, knows that I max out my day with everything possible that I can fit in and then some. I don't even know if I know how to relax. I am constantly trying to rack my brain to come up with ideas on how to make extra money for the family, even when it is not really needed. I clean my friend's house for her twice a month, I make and sell hairbows, and I sell things on ebay. I even started a new stay at home job today, receiving calls from customers, after already feeling overwhelmed and overbooked with my time.

It did not go well to say the least. There were several things we had to do to get ready for this job. We had to cancel our existing internet and phone service because they cut out intermittently ALL the time since we first signed up with them about a year ago. We had to sign up with another provider and get just a basic line with no call waiting, caller id, or voice mail. We also had to put a bi-fold door on our office to eliminate kiddo and animal noises that would be heard when taking the calls.

First two calls I got today, the headset that we purchased specifically for this job had a super loud buzzing in the line where they couldn't hear me and I got hung up on. The system did not work right. I had a man that was in his 90's and could not hear well (poor thing). I had to shout the scripts that had to be read verbatim to him along with all the 6 or 7 up sells. The F Keys that were required to maneuver throughout the screens did not work. I got booted out of their system twice. The phone disconnected a couple of times as well. Every time I tried to type information in, there was a delay of about 10 seconds with each key stroke! The customers were getting upset as was I.

It was truly a MISERABLE experience today. So much that I have decided to resign EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY for that specific skill not the company itself. Now whether they will assign a different skill for me or not is left to be determined.

Until then, I will continue being a full time Mommy with all the Mommy duties that come along with it, clean my friend's house twice a month, sell items on ebay, and make and sell my hairbows.

In the future, however, I believe that I am going to take the unspoken lessons that I have learned from my cats and JUST RELAX!!!!!

I would love to be in their shoes, or paws rather, for just ONE day!!!

Thanks for letting me vent.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Lylah eating Mommy

Our little kitty has this habit of nursing. She loves to get on your lap while you are trying to watch tv., on the computer or whatever you are trying to do. She will start nursing your shirt or your pants. I had never had a cat do this before.

I was trying to google it to figure out if something was wrong with her. Maybe she had been taken from her Mom too early. Apparently after some research, it is quite commen for kitties to do this. This person online had a cat that did it's whole life (20 years). I had talked to a friend of mine the other day and he said that his cat had done it it's whole life too. It is a thing that they do for comfort and they are content with their home.

One day Lylah the kitty was on me nursing as usual and my two year old Lulee got really upset. She came over to us and tried to push the cat off of me. I told her it's ok. Lylah is just trying to nurse. She would not have it. She was really upset and yelled "NO LYLAH EATING MOMMY". I laughed so hard. Poor thing thought this little kitty meant business and was going to eat me. Needless to say kitty had to get off my lap at this point. I didn't want my child witnessing my early demise due to being eaten by a kitty. She would have been traumatized for life.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Isn't my little pumpkin carrying a pumpkin cute!!!

My sister and my nephews went with us to trick-or-treat.

It started getting a little colder toward the end and Lulee decided it was time to ride in her wagon. She wanted to walk the entire time up until this point.

Here we are. I'm helping Lulee get up the steps for her first house to get candy from during our trick-or-treating spree.

Here is Logie (dead football player/car crash) , Sadie Bug (gothic rag doll), and Nick-Nick (live football player).

Hubby dressed up as a pirate and then forgot his eyepatch and earring. Check out his sleeve of tattoes on his left arm (when facing him). Our dog Piper had a sweater on that is orange and white (hubby claimed that she was a Freddy Crueger dog. Sadie Bug is a Gothic Ragdoll (yes she made this up). I actually did not dress up this year. I really don't have a ligit excuse. I just didn't. :)

Here is hubby trying to put our little Piper on his shoulder like a parrot. Ha-ha!!!

Early that day we took Lulee to the library dressed in her Halloween shirt. I forgot to take a picture earlier. She was not too happy with me when I took this picture. She had already messed up her little hairbow and absolutely refused to smile. She's still a cutie though. She did pretty good considering she had not had a nap.