Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Awwwweee How Sweet

I was sitting in Lulee's room cleaning up the playdough that was on her floor when she ever so graciously brought me a cup of water. My initial thought was how sweet, I am thirsty. My second thought was, oh crap where did this water come from.

This past week has been the ultimate "I'll do it myself" week. She is a little over 2 1/2 now and she wants to dress herself, potty by herself, feed herself, and every other thing you can think of BY HERSELF.

She has been taking her stool everywhere with her. She has been turning the lights and fans on. She has been washing her hands by herself without our knowledge until the evidence presents itself.

She has been doing really well washing her own dishes in her little play kitchen. She even decided the pretend faucet wasn't doing enough for her. She needed to poor her whole sippy cup full of water in her sink and get the forbidden soap "HERSELF" and wash her dishes for real.

So back to the cup of water she ever so graciously brought me while I was in her room, it was retrieved from none other than the potty!!! And NO I DID NOT DRINK IT. I know not to ever drink or eat anything a child this age brings you. Act proud of them, but don't be stupid. The food might have been dipped in potty never know!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did I just do that... Did I just say that... yikes!!!

To all of you who have had to prepare a house to be on the market and keep it perfectly spottless each time the house was shown:

We have had our house on the market for about a month now. We spent two weeks getting it prepared with decluttering and minor repairs. Since then we have really busted bootie keeping it tip top clean for the showings.

We have had three showings within this month. Today being the third. I knew of the appoinment since yesterday and started last night with the cleaning. I cleaned this morning before the showing time and it looked really good. I lit the blueberry candle so the aroma would fill the house before the realtor and buyers came. I wiped down any and every countertop making it spotless. I made sure the kitty litter was cleaned out and every bit of trash taken out of the house. Everything looked spottless and smelled great. I made sure to open all the blinds and turn on all the lights.

The showing was supposed to be at 11 but they were about 15 minutes early, which I was prepared for, so I thought.

We got a phone call from the realtor letting us know that she would be here in 5 minutes. No biggy, I had everything packed up and was ready to go. I figured they would be early anyway.

We left and went to spend time with my grandmother during the showing. We ate lunch, relaxed and visited with each other for a while. My Mom came over and we all had a really good time.

I had a hot date with hubby later on so I had to go home and get ready. My Mom took the kiddos home with her and I was on my way to having some relaxing "me" time.

I came inside our house and the lights were all still turned on, and it smelled really good, like a fresh baked blueberry cobbler. I was impressed with our house and thought Man, I would buy this house!!! :) It was spottless.

I decided I would go take a hot bath to relax and get ready for the date with hubby. I went into my daughter's bathroom to retrieve the shampoo and you would not believe what was there to greet me. None other than the wrapped up (thank GOD) pad that I had left on the counter. I had everything perfect except forgetting to throw away the pad. How embarrassing. Thank God it was wrapped up and not exposed.

Anyway, that was definitely one of MY most embarrassing moments.

And we are not through with this day. Hubby and I went to a nice restaurant tonight that he made reservations for. As soon as we walk in, he approached the nicely dressed lady in at the hostess stand. Hubby walked up to her and with a very self pleasing debonair charisma, states"our last name" she looks back at him and then he adds, "for two". She proceeded to look at Hubby and I, then very strangely states "excuse me". That is when Hubby finally realizes that she was not the hostess, but in fact a lady that may have felt halfway good about the way she looked until hubby let her know she simply looked like "the help". He turned 3 shades of red.

Then we were taken upstairs to eat at a table overlooking the balcony. I went to pull my chair out while hubby was talking with the server. I started to sit down and hubby, not realizing that I had already pulled my chair out, pulled it out even further before I sat in it and I almost fell on the floor.

So we have had a pretty embarrassing day and have survived!!!

What has been the most OMG or TMI day you've had???