Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hubby's 33rd Birthday and Easter Celebration at Grandma & Grandpa's

Happy 33rd to the SWEETEST Hubby and the BEST Dad, Ryan!!!!

Brynlea with the pink bunny in Grandma & Grandpa's sunroom.
Sadie with the pink bunny.
Lulee posing with the pink bunny and for good measure she threw in a yellow duckie. ;)
Sadie and Daddy Ryan playing air hockey....Ryan was playing more like battle air hockey...he's a little rough.  He's one of those kids that probably got kicked out of games as a kid for pushing and hitting...Ha-ha!!!
My Wolverine Hubby!!!
I love my Hubby and Family!!!!
Lulee reminding us what Easter is all about :)
Sadie posing as a British girl drinking out of
"The Queen Mother" Mug. :)
I was a little late on getting a pic of the Birthday cake, don't you think??? It was really yummy though, It was a white cake with white icing (of course after food coloring it wasn't too white ;) )with almond flavoring added to it.  It was delicioso if I do say so myself.
Here she is, the lady herself, the one responsible for the partaaaaay!!!!  She and her Hubby that is. ;)
Ryan's Mom.

Sadie Bug testing out the jello before the feasting began. She takes after her Mama showing her food like that.
Here's Lulee following her Mommy and Big Sister's lead showing her food, hers was ice cream. :)
Grandpa with the two younger sweeties, Brynlea and Lulee.

....and the videographer was none other than Sadie The Great Cornholio :)

Here's the Birthday Boy sporting his present sent by his sister Em and Hubby Matt.

Ryan reading his sweet sentimental Birthday card from his Parents.

Daddy hugging his Little Lulee as she gives him the homemade playdoh presents she made for him.
Brynlea Boo with Grandma's glasses on.....I seeeeee you!!!!!!
Here want a tulip???? sure is pretty.

Daddy helping Little Brynlea find Easter eggs.

Lulee is a pro at this....age 4 and you can spot an Easter egg a mile away. :)

Yeah Brynlea!!!! You found one!!!

Mommy's turn to help the Brynster...where are they Brynlea???

I found one, found one... the basket it goes....getting really good at this. :)

Grandma with Grandpa in the back helping Lulee and Brynlea see where some more eggs were...Sadie could handle it herself.  At age 15 she's a pro x's 3 plus 3 years. ;)

Oh look what beautiful baskets the girls got from Grandma and Grandpa Chambers' Easter Bunny :)

The Birthday Boy and our little Brynster were worn out and fell fast asleep.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Hippity Hoppity Easter Party

We went to Lulee's preschool Easter program/art exhibit/Easter egg hunt/party the other day and had a really good time.  Each child was to bring 13 eggs filled with goodies, ours was filled with jelly beans.  We had also signed up to bring cupcakes.  I made yummy funfetti cupcakes with vanilla frosting and 3 jellybeans on each.  We saved some for Lulee's friends that she has playdates with and brought them over to their houses along with jellybean filled eggs.  We also gave some to our neighbors to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.

I made these matching Easter shirts the morning of the party.  They are of their hand prints that we dipped their little hands in pink paint and shaped them into bunnies.  Brynlea had just gotten out of bed to have her hand put right into paint and onto a shirt...her eyes still trying to open from being asleep.  She was a real trooper though.  Didn't cry or anything.  She actually thought it was rather amusing.  Lulee was wide awake, however, and absolutely LOVED it.

Press play to watch and listen to Lulee play with the drumsticks in this portion of the musical program.

Here is the group doing their musical program...Lulee is on the end with her head down.  She enjoyed talking a lot with the girl next to her, but they all did such a great job and it was so much fun watching them.

Daddy took a picture of Mommy and Brynlea playing while waiting on Lulee's next performance. :)

Here's Lulee and her friend that she calls her boyfriend/husband, showing off their artwork from their class at the school's art exhibit.  Look how good they did and how proud they are.  Ryan and I  went around the whole room and took pictures of everything...this summer we will have lots of fun crafts and artsy things to do with the kiddos. :)

Here is the yummy food we had for the Easter party.....we are all about the food. ;)

Lulee is so excited about all the eggs she has in her basket.  The hunt was originally supposed to take place outside, but the weather didn't allow it. The eggs were hidden throughout different classrooms instead and the children were able to hunt 13 eggs each.  They were so excited and it was so much fun watching them.  Lulee and I counted hers over and over to make sure she had hers, because she still wanted to hunt. ;)

Big Sister Lulee loving on her little sister in their matching Easter shirts and hairbows.

Sadie the Mime

Sadie Bug in her High School play called "Check, Please." It was a play about several different people going on dates with all kinds of people and it not really working out so well.  We really enjoyed seeing her in her acting mode.  I think she has found her calling.  Now to see one were she speaks and really works that diaphragm.  She did one in class that I helped her rehearse, but I wasn't able to come to it to see how she performed.  When we rehearsed at home she did awesome!!!!  She was a Ghetto Granny, kind of like Madea.  She did really good.  She definitely needs to pursue this acting venture, even if it's for fun.  We all loved watching her!!!

 Papa Beau, Nana, Brynlea and Lulee enjoying the play.

 Sadie bug walking her little sister Lulee down the halls of the high school after the play.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Touring the Kindergarten

The other day we went on Lulee's preschool field trip to visit and tour the Kindergarten that is located next to her preschool.  This will be the elementary school that she will actually attend as well.  It is very sentimental to our family and is a very old school.  My Nanny went there when it was a high school and had her picture made on the front steps.  Years later they turned it into an elementary school.  Our oldest Sadie Bug attended there and got her picture made in the very spot on the steps that her great-grandmother had years ago.

Since getting to know my Hubby's history, come to find out his younger brother went to this same school.  So it is sentimental on both sides of our family. And if that doesn't make it special enough already, a teacher that teaches there was my Brownie leader when I was close to Lulee's age at my Christian elementary school.  Walt Disney had it right....It's a small, small, world. :)

We toured the library, which was absolutely awesome!!!  They made reading look so fun, which we all know it is, but I remember as a kid not wanting to touch a book.  They even get to read so many books, collect points for reading the books and at the end of the year whoever wins gets to throw a pie in the Principal's if that's not incentive to read, I don't know what is. ;) We toured the computer room, which she will get to use during Kindergarten, yeah!!!! We toured the gym and floods of memories from Sadie Bug's Kindergarten graduation came rushing back to me...I thought I was going to cry right there.  Such a happy, proud, bittersweet day.

The best part was when we went into the cafeteria and got to get a school lunch and eat with all the soon-to-be Kindergartners, especially ours.  Lulee was so overwhelmed, she had no clue where to begin.  They actually had a choice of 3 milks...white, chocolate and then OMGoodness the clouds opened up and the sunshine poured down on her favorite of all favorites....STRAWBERRY!!!  The girl's eyes got soooo big, it was like it was Christmas morning.
We had a great time touring the school with our preschooler and asking all kinds of questions....I don't think we missed one from A-Z.  This is going to be such an exciting time for all involved.  Little Lulee will experience the big school, Mommy and Daddy will experience a semi mini empty nest syndrome again. Brynlea will not know what to think...she will get us to herself...with Sadie at school and Lulee at school.  She will have one on one time.  She will look forward to the two of them coming home....just like Lulee and her do now waiting for Sadie Bug.  Sadie walks in the door and they both yell to her, in excitement.  Lulee yells Sadie.....and Brynlea yells "Dadie."  So sweet!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~Words to the Wise, Wednesdays~

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." ~ Mahatma Gandhi