Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ya hear dat Mommy!!!

My two year old is so precious. She is trying hard to learn all there is to learn in this BIG world. She is learning how to put all the right words into sentences. She tells me that she needs a piece of milk, or a piece of Daddy, ha-ha!!!

She is also learning to relay messages. A few weeks back she and I were in the bedroom waiting on Daddy who was getting ready for work. He called her into the bathroom with him (not knowing that I was in the bedroom with her). I heard everything he was telling her along with his request that she relay the message to me.

The message from Daddy was "Tell Mommy that I love her so much, forever".

She came out all excited and came straight to me and said Mommy........(thinking really hard how to relay this very important message to me)......... "ya hear dat Mommy, ya hear dat".

That was the cutest, most precious message I think I have gotten relayed to me, EVER.

Daddy came out of the bathroom and we were laughing so hard. It is true, kids say the darnedest things.

God Love them!!!