Saturday, April 19, 2008

Potty Animal

Ok, so we are working very hard to potty train Lulee. She gets really excited now to sit on the potty, but we are not having any progress after that. Wednesday she finally went pee-pee. This has been the only time other than one time in November that she has done anything. We are trying to bribe our little "potty animal" with half of a jelly bean for trying and a whole one for finishing the job.

We have a little song that we sing and she sings a long. "We're gonna pee-pee in the potty, We're gonna pee-pee in the potty". She loves to sing along with it. She will now tell me "potty potty", but by the time we reach the potty it is either too late or nothing happens still. She will sit there for 10 minutes and nothing. She used to get scared of sitting on the potty, so we have made progress there.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what will work better than what I'm already trying to do?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doodlebop's Concert

Oh my Goodness!!! Let me tell you about our Doodlebops concert. We had a BLAST!!!! I had inquired about the price of tickets right when I heard about them coming to town and the prices were outrageous. At least the ones that were closer to the stage. I called hubby and I told him that the Doodlebops were coming that night. We decided at the last minute to purchase tickets. By waiting so long, plus being thrifty as I am and not wanting to spend too much we purchased the tickets that were located in the upper mezzanine. I figured Lulee would not really get much out of it since we would be up so high and that it probably wouldn't keep her interest. Hubby talked me into getting the tickets anyway and thought maybe we could meet them afterwards. After all, we did take Sadie Bug to see her special Hannah Montana concert (not live, the 3-D one). Sadie Bug enjoyed her special night so much that we wanted Lulee to have a special night as well. :)

When we got there all the vendors were set up with all these overpriced items that you try hard to avoid when going to a concert. We ended up getting her a Doodlebops coloring book ($5) which she was just as happy to get as well as anything else we could have gotten her.

We went to locate our seats and I forgot how bad my anxieties were about heights and closed in areas. I mean I can ride in a helicopter and be fine, but put me in an arena where I feel too high up and closed in and we have a problem. I told hubby that I don't know how I was going to get down after going up that high. I thought I was going to have to scoot on my bootie all the way down. Thank God after they turned the lights off, my anxieties diminished and I was able to come down the steps like a normal person.

So anyway, about the concert, Lulee was soooooo excited when the Doodlebop's music came on and they started coming out on stage. Get this , she is almost two and she held her hands up in the air and started screaming like a little adult!!! It was so cute and so sweet!!! She enjoyed the concert immensely and it held her attention the whole time. We were able to see a whole lot better than I thought we would be able to. She sang along with all the songs and she was clapping her hands throughout the whole thing.

We were so glad that we took her to the concert. She really had a great time, as much as we did knowing she enjoyed it so much. There was a part in the concert where the Doodlebops asked the kids to lean over and thank whoever brought them. Lulee leaned over and kissed me then she kissed her Daddy. I don't know if she really understood what they said or if it was just a time to give her kisses out. :)

Afterward we stopped and ate at Subway. She 's not really much of an eater. When we got her sandwhich we told her that it was Doodlebop food and they like to eat sandwhiches. She ate it all!!! I was soooo happy. Whatever works right???

Spring Break

I'm trying to play catch up since I was finally able to dowload the pics I had on my camera.

During Spring Break my Mom and I took the kiddos to the skating rink. Lulee even got to play games at the arcade (ok, so she thought she was really playing them).

Anyway, here are some pics:

Here is Bug showing Lulee how to play this racing game.

Here is Bug showing us how awesome of a skater she is.

Logie Lu is taking a break from all his awesome skating.

Nick Nick is showing us just how cool he is. ;)

Lulee is back at the racing game showing us she can drive this bad boy on her own.

Lulee's 1st Snowman

Lulee has been excited about snowmen for a long time. She calls them "no-man". Everywhere we go she can point out a snowman a mile away. She will start screaming no-man, no-man, no-man!!! Christmas time was the best for her because her favorite thing was everywhere!!!

My cousin Ali had sent the girls a card with money. With Lulee's money she bought a Frosty the Snowman book. She wants to look at that book all the time. She will sing Frosty the Snowman and will drag that book with her around the house for us to read it to her.

We always tell her if it ever snows that we will build her a snowman. We have had several promises of snow and it never really happened. Finally, we got some snow!!! Not a lot, but our deck had more than other places. We all woke up excited about the snow and decided to build Lulee's very own no-man!

Sadie Bug wasn't here. She was having a "Nanny night". She has been spending the night with my grandmother every Friday night since she was little. They very much enjoy their time together. I am glad that she is able to be close to her. I remember when me, my sister and my cousin would all play over there and stay over there. We loved hanging out at our grandparent's house. Nanny always wants to do everything for you. She won't hardly let you do anything to help. It's like having a vacation when you go and spend the night over there. I do wish she would let us help more. After all that she has done for us, that is the least we could do for her.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the other day's snow event. Daddy, Mommy and Lulee went out side to attempt to build her no-man and the snow was so fine it was like dust. We couldn't really get it to pack together into a ball. We played in the snow on the deck for a little while and then Lulee and I went back inside.

Daddy was determined to make her a no-man since we have talked about it so much. He stayed outside and believe it or not. He actually made one.

He asked me to get him some eyes, nose and arms (olives and grape twigs). This no-man made Lulee very happy. She stood at the door looking out at it forever. Every time she would walk by, she would make sure it was still there. We felt bad that Sadie Bug couldn't help us with the snowman, so we saved him in our freezer so she could see it when she got home. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Has your day ever been like this?!?!?!?

Ok, so Lulee is cutting her 2 year molars has not been feeling well to begin with. She has had snot and boogies for over a week. It looks like that part may be diminishing as of today (Thank you God). Anyway, she has been very fussy needless to say and has not given me a moment to think for myself!!!! Poor little thing has been on me like white on rice. I try to be understanding, but at times my patience runs thin.

I remind myself that this little angel will return to her angel-like state after a little while and I will be o.k. soon, right??????

So, anyway, it started out with her not being pleased with anything that I tried to do for her. My gosh it's understandable if you have a tooth that is the size of two coming through your gums.
I decided that she might want to color. She really likes to color and it preoccupies her mind for a while. Well, she decided that she really likes the blue one. She likes it so much in fact that she wants to try that color out on her teeth!!! I found her munching on this crayon not once, but twice today. Does it really taste that good???

So, I'm thinking 1:00 needs to get here FAST (nap time). It didn't get here fast enough, but it did get here, however. Ok so 1:00 comes and goes. 2:00 comes and goes. 3,4,5 and yes now here it is 6:30pm and she is finally taking a nap on my lap as I am typing this post.

In between 4 and now was a fiasco as well. My nephews get off the bus and I am trying to get some business done on the computer that I've been trying to do for 3 days and have not been successful. I hear all the kiddo's minus Bug (she had not gotten off her bus yet) in the play room playing unusually loud. It was a familiar sound, just that it had way to much force to it. You have got to be kidding me!!!!! It was none other than my 8 year old nephew Logie Lu trying to ride little Lulee's Bounce and Spin Zebra, a toy designed for 18-36 months old. Yes he is well over the weight limit and needless to say had been told two times before to not ever get on the Zebra.

So I start back on the computer trying to finish up and what do I hear?!?!?!? Yes, now the 11 year old nephew Nick-Nick has joined in with Logie throwing huge plastic blocks across the room at each other as if they were playing dodge ball. So, I stop yet again and correct the situation.

So then Bug gets here and wants to play basketball. I thought that was a great idea. Everyone could get out of my hair for a little bit and let me be able to breathe. So the oldest nephew has decided to lay flat and lifeless, face first on the hard wood floor. I ask him over and over "are you tired, are you sick, are you ok, what's wrong?" His response is typical preteen "I don't know, nothing". I felt like I had Napoleon Dynamite at my house by this time. He didn't want to play basketball, he didn't want to do anything. It was work just breathing, ya know???

I just want the kids to be able to play and have fun!!! We have Play Station, Game Cube, Trampoline, Swing set, Basketball Goal and this poor little guy didn't want to do ANY of it. Two of them were out having a good time however. I thought maybe Nick-Nick was just not feeling good because he does have extreme allergies. Maybe he was just upset because I wanted him to feed Tina, the fat lard out back. Ha-ha!! Just kidding!!!

Anyway, it gets better. So, I have made this yummy dinner (meatloaf, veggies and brown rice) after cooking pizza for everyone''s snack. I pack up all these goodies with us so that we could have a dinner picnic with the hubby after taking Bug to dance. After making sure everything was packed up and iced up, diaper bag packed, dance bag together, have both kiddos in tow, I decided it was time to look for my keys. Well, I looked all over for them and could not find them anywhere. Hubby didn't have them, so where were they. I remembered that we road to church with my Mom yesterday and we rode in the back and I had my hands full of everything. I called her to see if she could look in the back of the car for me and there they were, pretty as you please in the back pocket of the front passenger's seat.

So about taking Bug to dance, having a wonderful picnic dinner with hubby, forget about it!!!! Now we will just think of something relaxing to do until the next crisis!!!!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that we have a list of people to call correcting the bills that they have sent us. I feel like I have to do every one's jobs. This is from the cable company to the cell phone company to the doctor's office. Can't anyone stop and take the time to make sure things are correct before sending them out to you????

It did make me think though. I had gotten an email one time about we are where God wants us to be. It was about 9-11. This guy worked at the twin towers and walked to work. He was running late and he had gotten a blister on his feet from his shoes. He stopped somewhere to get a band-aid and ended up missing the planes crashing into his place of employment. (I may have remembered the email wrong, but it was something like that). Anyway, I just tried to think about God's plans and maybe there was a reason for us not to go out tonight. Maybe we would've been involved in a crash, flat tire, run out of gas, who knows!!!

Anyway, thanks for listening to me vent. Also, pray for me to have more tolerance when it comes to this crazy, eventful life of mine. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's been a while...

Well I can come up with a million excuses as to why I have not posted anything to the blog lately, but the major one is that my computer is having problems dowloading pics from my camera. Not only that, but now my camera is going out!!! I guess I could have still blogged without posting pictures, huh?!?!?

Oh well, I am making up for it now.

My sweet Hubby is having a birthday at the end of this month. Not just any birthday, but the BIG ONE!!!! Yes, it is his 30th birthday!!!!

I can't mention details of what I have planned for him, but I will assure you it will be fun and very much "blog worthy". :) (Provided I have everything working by then). I am so excited about this year's birthday plans that I have for him. Everyone who knows me, knows that Hubby and I were best friends for 3 years before we ever dated. I threw surprise parties for him every year, from restaurants to home parties. I have been working on these plans for about three months since this is the big one.

Two years ago on his birthday I was prego with Lulee. We went to the Jack Daniel's Distillery and had a blast. It was so hot that day and I was waddling throughout the whole tour.

We first went to a little cafe in Lynchburg, TN. It was fun in itself. They put a hat on him and sang happy birthday.

Then we went to the distillery and shared a very fun filled day together. We had to get our picture made with the Jack Daniels statue.

Here is Hubby pretending he is drinking the whiskey.

Here I am with the vat of the mash that they use. It was sooooo hot in there!!! It was even hotter being prego. I was about 8 months along.

After we returned home, to his surprise, I had invited several of his friends over for a surprise birthday party. Everyone was at the house by the time we got there. We had a blast!!! He had no idea that his day was going to be full of surprises.

We have three milestone birthdays this year (4 including my sis turning 30 as well). Little Lulee is turning 2, Bug is turning 13 and then hubby is turning 30.

This will be so exciting planning all these parties and such for their special days. :)