Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bathroom Moments

Ok our little Lulee who is only 2 1/2 is fascinated with the potty and all it's magical abilities. I try to go out of the bathroom when she is in there doing her "business" to give her privacy. She becomes very imaginative in the bathroom and loses herself in the moment. She was looking at a PC magazine, because you know she HAS to have a book while she potties, and decided that the front cover was a picture of me as Super Mommy, a Super Hero with Super Powers.

She will, most of the time, let me know when she is done (unless she gets into something that she doesn't want me to know she's into. Like the time that she decided to write on the wall with lipstick!!!

The other day I came back to check on her after her 10 minute session. She was turned around with her head down toward the potty saying something. I could barely hear her so I had to get really close and listen. She was saying "March, march, march". March of the Penguins......I think not!!!

This is me as Super Mommy according to Lulee.

She is going to be a great artist!!! She works well with any material... fabric, sheetrock, flooring.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy 3 Year Anniversary!!!

Today is our 3 year anniversary!!! Let me start out by saying I am so in love with my Hubby and family. Last night our 13 year old, Sadie Bug and our 2 year old Lulee was working on our presents. I came in on them and caught them, or should I say Lulee told on themselves. :) As soon as I walked in Lulee said "We are making presents!!!". I said for who and she said for you and Daddy. She was so excited.

She ran in to the office last night while I was on the computer and was screaming "Happy....(still contemplating what she was supposed to say per her Big Sister's Cue) Present"!!!

Happy Present? I said. She said Mmmm Hmmm for you and Daddy. She handed me this cute little paper airplane that she colored and Big Sister made. Big Sister has also made us something else, but she is keeping us in suspense. She won't give it to us until after school today. :)

Are't they precious. Here is the pic of our paper airplane present:

Then I wake up this morning to find a dozen red roses, a picture of our wedding day (at our reception), and a card which reads "Sealed with a kiss...12.10.05". Hubby did so good!!!! It was a pleasant surprise. Then he admits to me that he has NEVER, EVER in his lifetime bought a dozen roses. I was shocked because I could've sworn that he got me some before. I'm the type of girl though that is just satisfied with getting any and have never really counted them. I asked him how did he escape ever getting a girl a dozen red roses. He had some smooth answer, but to be honest I think he could get away with just about anything with his gorgeous, mesmorizing, blue eyes!!!

I love you Hubby and am so glad to have met, fell in love with, got married to, and have children with!!! Happy 3 year Anniversary!!!! I am looking forward to many, many, more with you!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I've joined the bandwagon!!!

I have heard so much about these Twilight books and the movie that I was sick of it before it was even playing in the theaters. I did not want to read anything about bloodsuckers much less watch the movie.

Well, after talking with my friend Jolie and hearing over and over about her love for the book and mainly "Edward" I have become really intrigued, to say the least.

Then low and behold my friend Stephanie, who I read her blog everyday, has switched over to the dark side too and now she is having a "Twilight Christmas Giveaway" on her blog. Ok, so now not only am I intrigued, I am now DETERMINED to win this giveaway. Go on over and check out her blog. You can enter to win too!!

The other day I was talking to my friend Jolie and I decided to take a picture and send it to her for my contribution to the "Twilight" cause:

Yes, we had been making our traditional Christmas cookies while I was talking to Jolie as she was reading excerpts from the 3rd Twilight book. I felt inspired and had to show her my support. It's hard to smile with big cookie bits shaped like fangs in your mouth. ;)