Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"This Page Is Reserved"

This reminds me of High School when you have that special friend or boyfriend that you want to sign a page in your yearbook and you mark it "RESERVED" so that everyone knows it's for someone special in your life. No one else is supposed to write on it.  The whole page is solely dedicated for that one person.  Well this page is "RESERVED"  for one of the most special people in mine and my family's life. We are such good friends. She's not only one of my besties, she's way more than that, she is family.  She is "Aunt" Jolie.

This is where it is a little different than the yearbook days, she won't be writing on the "RESERVED" page.  This page will be written by me as a dedication to her.  To let her know how much she truly means to all of us.  She has been in our lives since our oldest, Sadie Bug, who is now 16, was 5 years old.  She has hung out with me and been there for me through thick and thin.  She's spent the night several times with us, waking up to a 5 year old asking her if she wanted some cheese eggs.  She has been with me through the worst of relationships and now as I'm in a marriage that I wouldn't trade for the world.  I've been there for her through some doozies too.

"Aunt" Jolie just had her 40th birthday that we got to celebrate with her and some friends.  I remember being there for her 30th and I plan on being there for her 50th, 60th and so on.  Like I said she is more than a friend, she is family.  She is 40 years old and has recently gotten engaged for the first time.  Neither she or her fiance have any children, except the two awesome nephews that she likes to claim as her own. ;).

So many people would question her over and over, why being her age that she had never been married or engaged before. The answer is, she is extremely selective and didn't settle. She waited for the right one.  She is a great person and believe me that opinion is unanimous. My family, even extended all agree. God placed her in the right place at the right time. Good things come to those who wait. Her nephew played cupid this go around.  He sure knows his Aunt Jolie.  :)))

I am so honored to have been asked to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.  I am looking forward to the day.  We all are so extremely happy for her and her fiance, Greg, whom I've known since we were younger at a church we used to go to together.  She has a great guy in her life and he is a lucky one, because he's got the "bestest" girl around. :)))

The newly engaged couple have been engaged for a little over a week.  He asked her in a "storybook" way.  He did so good.  Our "Aunt" Jolie deserves nothing, but the best and that is what he gave her.  A ride in a horse-drawn carriage around a gorgeous park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  After their ride, he got down on one knee and proposed, but the clincher..........he asked her Dad for her hand in marriage beforehand.  So sweet, such a gentleman.  I feel this guy is a keeper for our sweet "Aunt" Jolie.  So happy for both of them. :)))

This lady and her daughter saw the whole thing and got so excited and started taking pictures.  She was able to catch it all and they turned out great. She emailed them to Jolie as she promised she would.

Congratulations again Aunt Jolie and Greg,
We love you!!!

The Beautiful Park

Horse-drawn Carriage ride
Proposal...down on one knee
The Kiss
The Newly Engaged Couple :)


Jolie said...

Sniff~sniff girl! I love it! Thanks girl, love ya!

I will have to post it on FB. LOL

Mandy said...

I went back and changed it a little. Found some pesky grammatical errors and such. You know me. ;) I love you very much and just wanted you to know :)))